Unio B24

Unio B24 Extraction System

Introducing the Unio B24 Extraction System: your automated solution for nucleic acid isolation. Extract DNA and RNA from various samples like blood, serum, and plasma with ease. Our paramagnetic particle technology ensures pure and high-yield results.

Load samples effortlessly, enjoy contamination-free processing, and trust in the precision of the Unio B24. Elevate your research – inquire about the Unio B24 Extraction System today.


Fully automated extraction with magnetic beads

Process 1-24 samples at a time

Sample vol:
100-200-400-600 µl
Elution vol:
60-100-150-200 µl

Integrated UV lamps to prevent cross-contamination

Size and Weight
W:66 cm
D:58 cm
H:92 cm
110 kg