Magnesia 2448

Magnesia 2448 Extraction & PCR Setup System

Introducing the Magnesia 2448 Nucleic Acid Extraction & PCR Set-up: Transforming DNA extraction and PCR prep with advanced automation.

Upgrade your DNA amplification procedures with Magnesia. Contact us for automated precision redefined.


Fully automated extraction with magnetic beads

Process 1-48 samples at a time

Sample Volume: 500 µl
Elution Volume: 80 µl

Cooling modules for PCR tubes and reagent containers

A 4-channel pipetting system with disposable tips

Microplate shakers/incubators for various microplates

Barcode readers, sealed reagents, detectors, and sensors

Excess DNA/RNA storage for future use

UV lamps for quick worktable decontamination

Size and Weight
W:127 cm
D:85 cm
H:105 cm
230 kg